Matrimonial Settlements

Property Appraisals for Divorce Settlements

Divorce is a painful process in which there are many decisions to make, including “who’s staying” and “who’s going” when determining what happens to the home. Often the home is put up for sale and the profits are split, or one party buys out the other.

In these situations, it’s wise for both parties to enlist the support of a professional real estate appraiser to estimate the market value of the home. This can help achieve a fair settlement.  With Argentus Appraisal, you’ll have peace of mind that our appraisals are well-supported and defensible in court.

Many times the divorce date differs from the inspection date of the appraisal, which requires a retrospective appraisal that has an effective date and value estimate corresponding to the date of the divorce or filing. We’ve completed countless divorce appraisals over the years, so we understand exactly what’s involved as well as the need to handle these situations with the utmost care.

Attorneys and accountants rely on our opinions when figuring out property values for matrimonial settlements.

  • Here’s an uncomfortable question.Should you trust an appraisal that was ordered by your spouse? That depends. Do you trust your spouse to order a fair and impartial appraisal? Do you know the appraiser? Can you verify the appraiser’s reputation for honesty and integrity? If not, it may be in your best interest to have Argentus Appraisal send out one of our knowledgeable independent real estate appraisers. Ask around. You’ll hear about our reputation for honesty, objectivity and integrity. We’re bound by the ethics provision within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) which means you’re assured the highest level of impartiality and confidentiality, guaranteeing you total discretion. In addition, we provide you with comprehensive appraisal reports that meet or exceed the requirements of the courts and other various agencies. Argentus Appraisal will always give an unbiased and impartial valuation of your property. Choosing a professional and skilled divorce appraiser is vital.
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