Commercial Appraisals

When corporations or individuals are interested in buying or selling commercial property, our commercial appraisals will provide the help you need. That is because, when customers opt for our commercial appraisal services, it allows them to understand the NYC real estate market situation easily.

Financial advisors and property owners who want an accurate assessment of commercial real estate may find the process vastly different from residential appraisals.

The main difference is that commercial real estate appraisals are primarily based on the rental rates compared to the overall expenses paid.

The commercial real estate appraisal process is also often longer, requiring research regarding zoning and public ownership, lifestyle and demographic information, and compiling of rental, sales, and replacement costs.

  • Argentus Appraisal can provide an accurate and efficient appraisal for many different types of commercial properties.
  • No one should come out on the short end of a real estate deal due to an inaccurate appraisal.
  • Our appraisals will empower you to make successful real estate decisions.

Contact Argentus Appraisal for your appraisal needs.